Assabet Valley

Regional Technical High School

Student Handbook

2018 - 2019

Ellen Santos - MSN, RN, CNE

   Certified Nurse Educator

   CAGS - Assumption College

   MSN - St. Joseph College

   BSN - St. Anselm College



John Nagelschmidt - MSN, RN

     MSN - Medical University of South Carolina,                         College of Nursing

     BSN - Salem State University

Jane Blazek - MSN, JD, RN

     MSN - Framingham State University

     JD - Western New England University

     BSN - Villanova University

Karen Sherman - MSN, RN

     MSN - Walden University

     BSN - Worcester State University

Kathleen Hart - MSN, RN

     MSN - Framingham State University

     BSN - Framingham State University

     ADN - Quinsigamond Community College

     PN - Worcester Tech. School


Debbie Brown

Curious about the Practical Nurse program's  curriculum?  The Program of Studies details each of the courses contained in this program.

Though the Practical Nurse Program is post-graduate, it is held on the Assabet Valley High School grounds.  Therefore, the rules and regulations of the school building apply to the PN students as well.  Please review this  document carefully.  If you have any questions, please contact the program's Director.


Cinthia Mesquita - MSN, RN

   MSN - Framingham State University

     BSN - University of Massachusetts

     ADN - Quinsigamond Community College

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This handbook contains information vital to the success of the Practical Nurse student.  Please review this document carefully.  If you have any questions, contact the program's Director.

Practical Nurse Program

Student Handbook

2018 - 2019

Assabet Valley Practical Nurse Program


Tina Sanford - BSN, RN

    BSN - Framingham State University

​      ADN - Massachusetts Bay Community College

Assabet Valley LPN Program

Practical Nurse Program

Program of Studies